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Service Mark Registration

Service Mark Registration

Service Mark Registration is a common term used for Trade Service Mark Registration. The registration of the service mark is controlled through the Trade Marks Act, 1999 & Trade Marks Rules, 2002 (along with amendments). The proper registration of the Service Mark is required for the products and services and therefore the act and the rule is formed. The rights under the Trade Marks Act are legal in the whole of India.

Service Mark Registration is important as it plays a major role in strengthening goodwill of an organisation. The consumers are also provided with the source of the products and services being availed through the Service Mark. Therefore, the owner of the service mark is provided with all the solely rights regarding the use of the service mark.

With adherence to the Trade Mark Law, one can make use of elements like a word, letter, phrase, number, shape, logo, smell, graphic, sound, etc., individually or in combined form to make mark for registration in India. The buyers are also aided to get protected from double-dealing and therefore a registered service mark serves tremendous marketing power to the owner. This is one amongst the reasons that obligate the organisations to make heavy investments on the serach and registration of a unique service mark.

Service Mark Registration Process In India Includes:

*Note: In case there is no objection or opposition raised against registration of the service mark, the process of registration gets accomplished in almost 15 to 18 months.

Benefits Of Service Mark Registration:

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